Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Future plans

Friday is the next  regular committee meeting of the club. One of the things I want to discuss at this meeting is a plan for the development of the club now that we have control of the track and the rest of the centre.

Embarrassingly, I discovered that the last time we made a development plan was four years ago. I suppose it ought to be done every year, but things get in the way, memories fade and the time slips away.

In many ways the club is going along nicely. We have more athletes than we did four years ago; there are more coaches and officials, and there are new faces on the committee. But some of the same threats remain. (You notice that I'm slipping into the language of the SWOT analysis here. It seems a lifetime since I did one of those).

I'm interested in what non-committee members think.
Where should the club be in a year's time? I
n five years' time?
Ten years?
How long should the link with Bristol & West in the Midland League be maintained?
or with Team Avon?
What must we do to get into the British League for men and the UK Women's League?
Is that something that we want?
How can we improve the involvement of parents in the club?
Are there roles within athletics that we haven't thought of?

I'll be around at the club Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday this week. Come and talk to me. Let me know your ideas.

Hope to hear from you.

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