Sunday, December 6, 2015

AGM over for another year

It went well, I think. There were quite a few people there, but as usual they were nearly all people who are on the committee anyway.

Some changes that people need to be aware of.

Tony Jefferies has stood down as club Secretary after what seems like a very long time indeed. He's done a great job as secretary and he will be missed. Or he would be if he hadn't reinvented himself as the Gardener (according to Brimsham kids calling from the all-weather pitch).

Tracey John has agreed to take eat job on so we are all terrifically grateful to her. I don't know who it was that told her it was simply a matter of taking the minutes. I guess she will find out the truth for herself in due course.

The most interesting part of any AGM is when you get to the general discussion at the end. Part of this concerns the proposal to have a young athlete as a member of the committee. Everyone thought this was a good idea. In due course members will be contacted for nominations  for an under-17 or under-20 athlete who can represent them on the committee. Lucy Conibear was appointed Women's captain for the year - so she will be able to attend committee in that role and her first job will be to find out who else the members want on the committee. Watch this space.

It's generally agreed that athletics is a pretty cheap sport to take part in - compared with show jumping or tennis, for example. For some while there has been the suggestion to increase the training fee, and now that is going to happen. From January 1st the fee for each training session will be £2. Still a bargain, if you ask me.

The end of the meeting was improved no end by Mark Lodge trying out a new chilli product that he was thinking of offering. Alongside some chips it went down very nicely indeed. Now see what you missed by not coming the AGM.

This morning (Sunday) was a bit of a disappointment. The first tabletop sale produced several sellers, but very few buyers. The bar did a steady job with coffees and bacon rolls for parents watching football and hockey, but none of us sold much. In my case books and CDs. Never mind. The morning wasn't entirely wasted because Mark did a fantastic job of persuading parents that the clubhouse was a good place to hold their various awards nights and birthday parties. But it's plain that there needs to be more publicity. More even that the blizzard of signs advertising the tabletop sale that Mark had spent an hour or two putting up.

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