Sunday, November 8, 2015

So far, so good

One week down - twenty-five years to go......

Last Sunday's workday started the process of getting the complex ready for the new era of volunteer management. There is still an enormous amount to do - cleaning, chopping back brambles and generally bringing it up to standard.

Last night saw the first of, we hope, many social events in the clubhouse. I've often thought how good the athletics arena would be for a firework display. And now it's been put to the test. Given that the event was thrown together in just three days it was a remarkable effort. I never expected that many people to turn up. There were athletes, hockey players, parents children and goodness knows who else. The fireworks were wonderful and the takings at the bar also very promising.

As with all these things, it wasn't done without a great deal of work. Mark Lodge and the rest of his family slaved away most of the evening; Jeremy's work in the background involved emptying the bar till as it filled up. Hot dogs were the ideal food to go with fireworks and in the background Emma's brother's disco did what disco's always do.

I'd be willing to bet that many people there were surprised and delighted at what was possible in the place. Now we just need many more of them.

A new experience for me in the week was my visit to the boxing club. I had no idea that so many boys and young men were over there training away. It was like a scene from Raging Bull. Ken is the man who oversees it and he was interested to hear about how his members could make use of the clubhouse. I guess when you operate out of a shed like that the rest of the complex can seem a very long way away.

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