Monday, November 30, 2015


In a recent correspondence in the Guardian a reader suggested that the three most terrifying initials in the world were AGM. Another replied that much worse were AOB.

I'd like to think that the club's AGM isn't nearly as bad as that, especially as I have to run one every year. It's the meeting each year where ordinary club members can have their say about what is going on. Besides the required elections of the committee, there is a section for an open discussion about anything that members are concerned about.

Obviously we would like to think that members are entirely happy with the way things are going, but if not this Friday is their chance to ask questions and tell us what is on their mind. Maybe this is the kind of thing they might be thinking about. (I hope I'm not putting ideas into their heads).

1. How is the club going to be affected by the changes to the management of the track?

2. When will the track be relaid, as promised a while back?

3. Is the structure of league competitions the best that the club could offer?

4. How are young athletes selected for league teams?

5. How is the sport structured beyond the confines of the club? How does the club contribute to county and regional organisations?

We've tried all sorts of things to make the AGM interesting for members and their parents. This is the first time that it will be in the clubhouse on a separate evening so I hope a load of people turn up - buy a drink at the bar - and join in. it would even be nice if I was asked a load of tricky questions.

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