Monday, October 26, 2015

I suppose we should be used to it by now

I'm talking about the rugby of course.

I suppose I've been through a sequence of varying degrees of disappointment since England were knocked out. Pretty much as we'd all been half expecting ever since the groups were announced.

OK, so England are out, so who can I root for now? Feeling rather bigger than supporters from 'lesser' countries who support anyone but England, I wanted to shout for Wales. Well - that went well, didn't it?

Actually, I guess it did go pretty well - except for the fact that they lost.

Who's up next? I missed the French effort, which is perhaps just as well.

Then I never thought I would want Ireland to win, so my devastation was slightly muted when they didn't.

It couldn't all come down to Scotland, could it? And who'd have thought they would play so well? Or that they'd be denied by an instant of bad judgement from a French referee.

All right then (through gritted teeth) so it's an all southern hemisphere affair. But who to root for?

Australia/South Africa? H'm difficult one. Don't care much for either. But it was a good game so I suppose it was acceptable to see Australia come away with it.

Ever since the Maradona hand of God affair I've been a bit agin Argentina. On the other hand, how good would it be to see a team who've never got to a final do it at last. And at the expense of New Zealand.

So that's five and a half losing teams I've rooted for. (The half being South Africa). And a final between two teams about which I care as much as I do about the line of succession to the throne or the route of the HS2 railway line.

And today England lost at cricket to Pakistan. Just as well we England fans have had plenty of practice. It must be hell in Adelaide when the All Blacks lose.

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