Monday, August 3, 2015

Now that's what I call athletics

The sun shone - there were a couple of hundred athletes in attendance - and Yate won. What more could we ask for? Well - the wind got up a bit towards the end of the afternoon. I forgot that officials don't get packed lunches at Avon Track and Field matches, so only had my emergency rations (plus a chocolate muffin) to keep me going. Oh - and John Deaton, the field ref. pointed out various bits of equipment that need replacing.

Apart from that - and my moaning is now officially over - it was a pretty perfect day.

When I'm starting I don't really see much actual racing. Five seconds after they've left the starting line, I have no further part to play. I can't see who wins - though I do try to guess sometimes - and we're usually busy getting ready for the next one. (Or getting outside a sandwich).

I did notice Willa Gibb in her hurdles race. What a great little athlete she promises to be. At the other end of the age range, Luke Lorenzi was looking strong and extremely quick. It must be all those ice baths at Loughborough...... In between there were any number of memorable Yate performances. The senior relay team looked very good, as did some of the throwers I happened to see.

The last Avon meeting of the season is while Lesley and I are away, but Ben Redwood, as league chairman has started to look into where all the league trophies are. This is so that he can revive what used to happen at the end of the last meeting. Most people would stay behind to find out which club had won which trophy and collect them amongst a good deal of cheering and good-natured banter. I hope he manages to arrange that. It will make a better finish to the season than simply drifting away.

But, please, Ben, don't play Chariots of Fire music......

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