Monday, June 8, 2015

As good as a rest

Something different yesterday. I was starter for the Gloucestershire Schools championship at Cheltenham. Slightly odd to hold a schools event on a Sunday, but no one could complain about the weather which was balmy and warm all day. I was told that the reason why it had to be held then was that next Saturday - when most counties hold their schools championships - the stadium in Cheltenham is used by the local rugby league team. A vivid warning of the consequences of having other sports in the middle of an athletics track.

Cheltenham athletes were much in evidence, I suppose because it was their club doing most of the organising. And many of the listed athletes didn't turn up, which meant that there were none of the expected heats, except in the 200m because Cheltenham is only a six lane track.

There were a few Yate athletes on show and it was good to see that all of them acquitted themselves very well. Yvette Westwood was dominant in both sprint events, recording an English Schools qualifying time in the 200m. Elliot Chard looked good in the 1500m, but rather less so in the 800m: the 15 is obviously his favoured event. Abi Robson ran well in the hurdles and Robert Dakin gained a bronze medal in the 200m.

I always like going to Cheltenham to start. They are very welcoming and it's always good to meet old friends. A substantial packed lunch and some travel expenses also help. The really nice thing about catering at Prince of Wales Stadium is the home-made cakes that are usually on offer. What more could one wish for?

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