Monday, March 2, 2015

England sport

Where did it all go so wrong?

Cricket a slowly unfolding disaster, and now the wheels dropping off the rugby Just when it was possible to think that the England rugby team had learned not to give away penalties every few minutes, back they come and do it all over again.

Hey ho....

One feature of rugby in our household is Lesley's little yelp of joy every time Dave Atwood gets the ball - specially if he does something good with it. He was one of her throwers in the Avon Schools team, so she feels as though she has a particular interest in his rugby career. It's just as well he wears a white scrum cap: that way he's relatively easy to identify.

Meanwhile, negotiations over the future of the track continue. Jeremy and I are itching to tell people about the plans and how they are going. And as soon as we can you'll all be enlightened, but there are two councils involved, plus the school.

Do I have to say any more?

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