Wednesday, March 11, 2015

All hands to the pump

You may have noticed that we are holding a club competition - just for our members - Sunday March 29th. This will be to cover the events that don't feature in the Sprints and Hurdles meeting a couple of weeks later.

With luck there will be a good show of athletes, though I'm already hearing that some athletes are already committed to playing football that day. (Shame on them - what are they thinking of???)

This does mean though that we need lots and lots of adult helpers to make the meeting run. Normally when I'm trying to find officials for league meetings I can count on visiting teams bringing close to their quota of officials.

No visiting teams - no visiting officials.

So we need every able-bodied persons to step forward and help. Actually, they don't need to be all that able-bodied for most jobs. Raking the sand for the long jump may be the exception to that, but writing down results, holding the tape, blowing a horn can all be done from a wheelchair - if push comes to shove. And we're very close to shove at this moment.

So step forward. Now is the time for all good men (and women) to come to the aid of the club.

Meanwhile, Jeremy and I continue to go to meetings about the future management of the track. The latest was with Brimsham Green and S Glos. A decision can't be all that far away.......

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