Sunday, February 1, 2015

Reading letters

- and filling out athlete information sheets.

Lesley is even now dealing with athletes and their parents who don't read the letters they are sent about forthcoming events. South West Schools Cross Country Championships are next Saturday and Lesley is responsible for the Avon team.

Because the Avon Championship was cancelled, the team had to be put together on the hoof, as it were, and she was left with the task of getting hold of 80 contact details for athletes. She put together a carefully worded letter explaining the event they had been selected for, the travel arrangements, and so on.

What could possibly go wrong?

A number of athletes have failed to reply at all. Which means that she is now phoning them to find out what is happening. One athlete (you notice how carefully I'm not even telling you his gender - OOPS!) it turns out is doing something else that day, but didn't think he needed to tell anyone that.

The letter specifically said that entry was £5, whether or not the athlete travelled on the coach. How many parents do you think have said that they won't be paying because they're travelling by car? The letter also specifically asked for the money and information BY POST, so how many decided that email and cash on the day would be OK? The answer in both cases is not zero.

When asked what size of kit athletes required one parent wrote "11 year old ...."

And on top of all that, with arrangements made and less than a week to go, the organiser emails to say that there is only limited parking......

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