Friday, December 5, 2014

We wuz robbed

Well, Mark Lodge wasn't because he won the award for professional coach of the year. And quite right too.

We were up for Club of the Year and against Aretians Rugby Club and Fromeside Gymnastics Club. The gymnasts got it. Listening to the citations, though, I suspect many in the room thought we were going to get it. I certainly did, and you can bet your life that Lesley did.

We also had a number of other nominations in that didn't even reach the short list - and I don't know why.

There has to be a question about whether it's worth bothering with awards like this. Notable by their absence were all football and hockey clubs. Does winning an award like this mean anything? Some awards stretched the meaning of "South Gloucestershire" somewhat and it was far from clear what the criteria were for choosing one club/person over another.

On the whole, I do think it's worth doing, if only to raise the club's profile or to give a lift to the athletes of coaches who win or get short-listed.

Anyway - congratulations to Mark. A well deserved award.

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