Monday, October 6, 2014

Track and other matters

Well, they've nearly finished the track. The spraying has all been done and it's just the lines that need putting back. There'll be a short delay on that because they have to wait for dry weather and the forecast says that we aren't going to get any for a few days. Indeed, looking out the window as I type this, I can see that the forecast was right. Anyway, coaching can start again this week, as long as no one gets lost without lines to tell them where to run.

Liverpool was wonderful - as I'm sure you were meaning to ask. We did the full tourist thing, starting with the open top bus tour. Fortunately the weather was just right for open top buses and there is a lot to see in Liverpool. Like many Liverpudlians, our guides had the sense of humour that we all know and love. Calling a massive cathedral Paddy's Wigwam is no longer very funny, but it is typical of how they won't let anybody get above themselves. The only thing they won't make a joke about is the Hillsborough disaster - and quite right too. The slightly strange memorial in the catholic cathedral to the folk who died looks a bit tacky, but still managed to bring a lump to the throat.

We separated fir a while for Lesley to go to the Beatles museum while did the ART in the Tate gallery. Both of us thought it was well worth while. The nearest restaurant to our hotel was a Pizza Express. I don't know what it is that makes them different from the average Italian restaurant, but whatever it is you do get a decent pizza out of it. The other place we ate was called the Smuggler's Cave. Think - very dark, live music, strange dishes for the food to come in, rough tables and chairs, even stranger clientele (except us, of course) and staff who treated you to the Liverpudlian sense of humour. Great fun.

You all know how I hate to blow our own trumpets, but the daughter was competing in the Barcelona triathlon this weekend. Knocked 20 minutes off her PB and finished fourth woman. That's not fourth in her age group - it's fourth overall. In fact she was afraid she'd missed a lap on the bike - but no. Are we delighted? You bet your sweet lives!

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