Sunday, September 28, 2014

See you at the end of the week

Lesley and I are off for a few days. Going to Liverpool, which is one of my favourite cities. I've been a number of times for a poetry event that happens every other September and I've always wanted to take Lesley and show her the places and things that I've enjoyed.

We'll be back on Thursday in time for the committee meeting on Friday. This is the meeting where the committee and others decide which of all our wonderful athletes get the annual awards. It's always difficult to make these decisions but you can be sure that we all try to make the right ones.
The work on the track is progressing well. The weather has helped and the Latvian guy I spoke to on Friday was hopeful that it would be finished on time. He and his mates will be working through the weekend and we should get our track back soon - maybe sooner than we thought. I'll put out a Yackety-Yack as soon as I have definite information.

Play nicely while we're away

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