Sunday, July 27, 2014

Back home - briefly

Sorry there was no blog last week. Out on the west of Wales we seemed to be beyond the reach of the internet. I'm sure there are people with broadband in Pembrokeshire - but not where we were staying.

We had a great week - thank you for asking. The sun shone almost non-stop; friends and family came to share it with us; a certain amount of alcohol was consumed, and we thought about athletics only briefly, now and then. If you had asked me before we set off whether swimming in the sea was part of the plan, I would have laughed. However, the last three or four days we were away saw both of us inching into the not-quite-too-cold sea. Lesley swam; I flopped about a bit. And it was really lovely. My brother-in-law, who swims regularly in a pool, confessed that the last time he swam in the sea was probably thirty years ago. We did some calculations and decided that it was probably about the same for us - if you discount those foreign places where the sea is the temperature of half-hour bath water.

Some friends and I walked about six miles along the Pembrokeshire Coast Path and enjoyed it thoroughly. At Stackpole Quay the intention had been to take ice cream, but the kiosk was closed. Instead, we were viciously ambushed by a coffee and walnut cake and gave in after a brief struggle.

Back home for the weekend we spent most of it watching Commonwealth Games. Surprise yesterday when Leon Reid turned up running for Northern Ireland. Real disappointment when he was disqualified in the 100m heats. A lovely guy (Bristol & West does have a  few) who didn't deserve that (does anyone?).

Writing this in haste because we're off to Glasgow. Tickets for Tuesday and Wednesday evening sessions at Hampden Park. I'll let you know how we get on.

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