Monday, June 30, 2014

Holding our own

YOSC played host to the third YDL 17/20 yesterday and I think we put on a pretty good show for the visiting teams. Accompanying the Birchfield team was the great Norma Blaine. Now Norma won't be known to most of you, but she is still an important lady. She is chairman of the Youth Development League, Chairman of the Midlands AA, and athletics supremo across the region if not the country. She was Denis Lewis's first coach and has coached at Birchfield Harriers since the year dot. Now nearly eighty, she is still slightly scary and has forgotten more about athletics than most of us will ever know. Lovely to see her here in Yate, still advising her athletes who clearly look up to her tremendously.

It was a good day's competition and Team Avon came out third, which is just about where we have been in the previous matches. So we should maintain our position in the premier division and ensue continued top competition for our athletes.

So who caught the eye? Yate sprinters were in good form. Luke Lorenzi and Tom Pallot more than held their own. Rob Phillips and Josh Evans looked good in their events and added excellent points to the total. Harry Weston won the triple jump and Yvette Westwood won the 200m.

Speaking of Yvette reminds me that selection for English Schools has been made and Yvette is picked for Gloucestershire. Ten other Yate athletes are in the Avon team - probably a record, but there's no way of telling. Let's celebrate all of them:

Hannah Hobbs, Emily Wright, Hattie Dent.

Tyler Molton, Jacob Spence, Mike Green

Luke Lorenzi, Josh Evans, Mark Cottam, Rob Phillips

We wish them all the best of luck in two week's time and look forward to hearing about medals and podium positions. (No TV coverage this year, so they've gone back to having six athletes on the podium).

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