Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Occasionally beer and skittles

A smashing occasion on Sunday. Tony Jefferies 70th birthday celebration held at the ARC Social club in Chipping Sodbury. Tony and Pat's family is large and complicated so it was a challenge to work out who belonged to who and whose children they were who were hurling skittle down the alley past the sign banning infants under 14.

As well as family there were several old running companions, including one lady who has competed a full one hundred Gwent League races - and looking very good on it. That's every race for the last twenty-five years - a full quarter century.

The lady who did the buffet for our last Awards Night did the buffet so we stuffed ourselves - Lesley promising a diet starting on Monday - and staggered home for scrambled egg during Antiques Roadshow - oh yes, the Nunns know how to live.

Last night, we went to the AGM of the Avon AA. Since I resigned as chairman we have tended to stay away from committee meetings but it is clear that it is an organisation in some trouble. The role assigned to county associations by the governing body is as competition providers. Since Avon has no income except what it can bring in from competitions and the extremely modest affiliation fees of local clubs, its other functions have been assigned to networks, but this is a situation that the current personnel seem reluctant to accept. They take no interest in the network or what it could do for local athletics and barely manage to run their own affairs.

A competition provider that has no chairman, no cross country coordinator, no one to organise the track and field championships overall, and no sign of anyone in the offing to take on any of those jobs. I feel sorry for Rachael Fisher who inherited the chairman's job when I resigned and who now wants nothing more than to remain as vice chair and hold things together until a chairman can be found. I very much sense that she will still be doing that in a year's time.

It's well known that the secretary and I don't see eye to eye on very much. Our final clash was over how we might make the workings of the association more efficient. He had no interest in doing that - at least in the way I wanted to try. Since then he has presented our disagreement purely in the way that suits him, including in the writing of minutes in such a way as to airbrush anything that I tried to do. He has said some harsh things about me but will accept no hint of criticism of himself.

I have said that Yate will provide a course clerking team for the county championships (posh term for hurdle moving) and I'm sure I will be inundated with volunteers.

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