Saturday, August 24, 2013

Home on Monday

Well, it's nearly over, our trip round Poland. Back home the Avon network has been making good strides in delivering its new plan. Tom Druce has been given the contract to coordinate the programme, so it will be good to have a new voice in local athletics.

Meanwhile, we are in the Baltic coast and enjoying some excellent weather. The area is much as I imagined it. The beach has wonderful sand which goes on for miles and miles. The sea is very cold but there are still significant numbers of swimmers - not us! The town of Ustka is a delightful small resort. The main attraction seems to be a full scale replica of a galleon out of Pirates of the Caribbean which does trips out to sea, complete with appropriate music.

Speaking of music, our hotel seems to have a thing about female British singers. For the first three days it was Amy Winehouse, since when we've had Adele and Dido on a loop. I wanted to point out to them that I Won't Go to Rehab didn't make the best listening over breakfast, but Lesley stopped me.

We thought we were the only British people here, but the other day Lesley heard a father talking to his kids in English. I suppose we should have introduced ourselves and shared a UK moment.

Around the hotel and the whole resort there are vast pine woods with cycle and footpaths through them. You'd think that was boring but there is surprisingly great variety. The hotel's swimming pool is a masterpiece of middle European kitsch. Dark blue tiles with gold pillars and black ceiling complete with twinkling lights. Like many hotels in this area they major in spa stuff. I had a massage and Lesley went for a session of reflexology. I think we both felt better for it.

Anyway back to Britain on Monday. When we booked all this it never occurred to us that we would be travelling into the country on a Bank Holiday. Thousands of extra passengers through Heathrow and us struggling amongst them. Never mind. See you all next week.

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