Monday, July 29, 2013

Ten days to go

Suddenly the day of our departure is just round the corner and we're getting final panicky phone calls from our son. Last night we had the "am I doing the right thing?" call. Except, typically, he disguised it as a joke.

But there are still some athletics things to deal with. My resignation as chairman of Avon AA has been met largely with silence, which kind of puts me in my place. Actually, it was in my mind to step down anyway and the immediate issue was an excuse.

The network has reached the stage of talking to the one reasonable candidate for the contract to coordinate the various projects that we have on the go. That will be finalised while we're away but, if successful, it will be good to have a new voice in local athletics.

The network intends to sponsor small groups of coaches and officials in order to spread good practice and enhance the levels of expertise in the area. I think this will work well as an idea, especially if we attract the interest of the right people.

Next Sunday's Avon League could be challenging. I will be the only starter and at the moment the only marksman I have is a very willing dad who has never done it before. I'm hoping to have a chat with him before Saturday. But even better would be someone with experience stepping in to take the lead. For those who don't know what the marksman does, he (or more often at Yate, she) is the person who puts athletes into separate races, gives them their lanes, checks numbers and spikes and then watches the race to make sure it's done legally. The hosts for the match are Bath and North Somerset and league rules say that it is their responsibility to provide a marksman. I have a feeling it will be Yate to the rescue once more.

The news about Kate's international debut has clarified. She will be part of the GB team in the age group (35-40) sprint distance triathlon world championships, in Hyde Park on 13th September. The elite competition is the following day. Our fantasies about corporate cars, sponsorship deals etc. have been dashed. She has to pay quite a lot of money to take part. Still, we - and she - are very excited.

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