Sunday, July 21, 2013

A free weekend!

Almost the first since April. No athletics meetings to go to; no teams of officials to harass into helping. On Saturday afternoon, Lesley and I looked at each other and hardly knew what to do with ourselves.

So what has the week offered?

Well, I could write about my final (?) disagreement with Mr Deaton and my resignation as chairman of Avon AA. But - as Jane Austen says - "Let other pens dwell on fear and misery."

The open meeting on Tuesday was delightful. Athletes from the far parts of Wales and even from Scotland (they must have been down here on holiday, mustn't they?) and the racing was really first class.

I always enjoy the process of grading athletes so that they run with others of similar standard, ignoring age and gender. Part of the pleasure comes from providing the track judges with a real challenge as six or eight runners descend on them with only a few metres covering all of them.

Yate athletes were prominent with Rob Phillips finishing the 400hurdles over 100 metres ahead of his only rival. Ellie Leather won her 800m.

Something that most people who come to the track on Tuesday or Thursday will not have seen is the warm up the Mark Lodge runs with the youngsters on Wednesdays. A sight well worth sharing with you.

And you can have it in video too:
The BMO has been successfully bought: the B is on his stag weekend at the Latitude Festival. A friend wanted to know why I hadn't been invited. I would have thought the answer to that was obvious! The tickets for our travel around Poland have arrived. The realisation is beginning to dawn that this is really going to happen. And soon!

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