Sunday, June 23, 2013

Something different this week

A quick flash of our daughter, Kate, in the Bristol Triathlon, wearing #595. Her finishing time of 1hr 18mins sounds good to me. The weather wasn't great with a terrific swirling wind on the Portway for the cycle, and the water of the Cumberland Basin looked no more inviting than you'd expect.

Surprisingly, the venue was quite good for spectators, providing you were prepared to move around. I shall cherish the memory of Lesley walking along the harbour wall urging her on despite the fact that there was little chance of her knowing she was there, let alone hear anything. (But then we are talking about a woman who leapt to her feet and shouted at the TV when Jess Ennis was running....)

More seriously, Saturday was the third match in the younger YDL at Telford. There have to be serious questions about awarding the fixture to a track which had only recently suffered various problems with their facilities. It wasn't possible to hold pole vault or hammer competitions and the facilities for spectators have not improved since last season. For almost the first time, our gazebo came in really useful. Not just for the essential shelter that it provided, but also for the opportunity it gave for several mums to get to know each other. Once more, Yate & District as a social unit came into its own.

On the timekeepers' stand, where I spent the afternoon, the weather was the main story. The rain was short-lived but really heavy once or twice. All we could do was put our hoods up and turn our backs to it.

In between whiles there was some excellent athletics to enjoy. Seeing our under-13 girls win both the 800m races was a good start to the meeting (once the hurdles were out of the way). Ellie Leather looked really strong once again in the 1500m. Alex Wells, Tom Pallot and Aidan Noble had good afternoons in the boys' competition.

At one stage, we were level with Bath in second place. So it was a real shock when the final announcement came that we were fourth with Telford in second, having been well behind us. On the coach going home there was some anxious inspection of the results. It turned out that two relays, in which we did well, had been omitted and Telford had given themselves points for a track judge when the rules say that the chief judge doesn't count for points. So who knows where we finished?

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