Monday, May 13, 2013

Almost a week off....

Just the South Gloucestershire trials on Wednesday.

There are times when I think there must be a malign deity up there who hates athletics. Wednesday was, if you remember, not too bad a day. Not warm, but not wet. Until four o'clock - the time of the first race. That's when it rained. Not hard, just enough to make waterproofs essential and send the timekeepers scurrying for the stand. Never mind. On we pressed - race after race. Lesley ticking off entries on soggy paper: me worrying about the rust getting to the guns.

Dead on time we finished. Kids went home. We cleared up. Piled everything back into the car.


Adam Brookes came close to the English Schools standard in the high jump. He actually thought he had jumped the necessary 1.72m. But then the bar was measured, just to make sure.


High jump is a very difficult event to qualify in because the opening height at the English Schools Championships means that it is very easy to have the qualifying height under your belt but then fail at the opening height of the competition.

So - he will do it, but not in that kind of weather.

I've heard informally from Matt Foad that Avon Network is going to get the £10,000 we asked for. Now we just have to get on and do what we said we wanted to.

A weekend without a match was nice. Daughter and grand-dog came down on Saturday. Grand-dog is really sweet. Even I, who don't see the point of household pets, am smitten.

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