Sunday, April 14, 2013

Season under way

The first meeting of the summer is always a bit of a lottery, largely because of the weather. After the afternoon we had today it was a bitter irony to go home to the weather forecast to be told it had been the warmest day of the year. It started off windy and became calmer and colder as the afternoon wore on.

The timekeepers' stand is a good place to watch racing from and there was some very good racing to watch. Amongst the Yate runners who stood out, Ben Watt and Georgie Taylor looked particularly good. When you have twelve heats of 100m races, the finish is bound to be close, and so it proved, with some very creative work being done to put the hand times together. Of course, what really counted was the electronic times so to some extent the pressure was off.

It's a bit unnerving to be the chief timekeeper when you have someone with Mike Strange's experience standing behind you. Of course, he was out to give me more experience of leading the team, so I was grateful for that, but it's still slightly scary.

Elsewhere this week, I've been putting together the Powerpoint presentation for England Athletics to get them to give Avon the money for the network plan. I'm fortunate in having the help and advice of Keith Brackstone and John Robbins. But there are a couple of meetings to go before we have to do that. The next one is on Wednesday morning, so I shall have the best possible reason for not watching the most over-hyped Tory political broadcast in history.

So all in all, the season is getting going without the winter's politics being completely over.

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