Monday, April 29, 2013

Back to my usual grumpy self

Friday was back to meetings as usual.  We (that is, Keith Brackstone, John Robbins, Cy Knibb and I) met with representatives of England Athletics to present our case for funding for the network over the next two years. The first time I had ever been in a meeting and in charge of the Powerpoint - what a responsibility! Anyway, we think it went all right.

Officials for the YDL meeting in Birmingham on Sunday were all in place, so Lesley and I had a weekend off. "Where shall we go?" I asked.

"Why do we always have to go somewhere?" she wanted to know.

"Because that's the only way I can stop you working!"

Athletics not completely forgotten as the verdict was in from Circadian Trust about Pat's tuck shop. And it's not good news. She will still be able to run her tuck shop on training nights, but not on match days. So we will all have to reconsider how we feed ourselves when hosting a match. The club will still provide the packed lunches for officials and we hope that free hot drinks will still be available for them. Other than that we're at their mercy.

I doubt there are any readers from outside the club after last week's debacle, but if there are they too might like to think about how their members will patronise YOSC's catering, now that they won't be contributing to Yate & District's funds.

For the club, the main question is how are we to replace the considerable sums that Pat brought in. Circadian Trust say they want to help us with fund-raising, but I suspect that means staging social events at the clubhouse so that we can buy more stuff from them.

Ideas for fund-raising would be most welcome. A raffle at home matches? Anyone want to take that on?

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