Monday, January 7, 2013

Summer is just round the corner

No - that isn't me being unusually optimistic. It means the fixtures calendar is now all but complete and available to view on the website.

If you think it looks no less crowded than last year's, or even rather more crowded, that is because UK Athletics have had a hand in it. There are some weeks in the middle of the season when we are going to be run ragged. Yeovil on Saturday and Rugby on Sunday in the same weekend? Blimey guv, you 'avin' a larf? Let's hope that most people won't have to do both. Add to that the county championships AND two YDL matches in Half Term, and we are in for a smashing time.

I'm tempted to formulate Nunn's Third Law. (The Second has to do with the probability of homework being handed in on time: the First is nobody's business but mine.)

The benefits of any government (or governing body) initiative will be in inverse proportion to the time spent explaining how wonderful it will be.
In other words if they say it will be wonderful, it'll be rubbish.

A short one this week. I have to shoot off now to the track to tell them they need a new high jump bed cover and new throwing circles. Wish me luck.

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