Monday, December 31, 2012

So that was Christmas

And I hope a good time was had by all.

We enjoyed it here though we were quieter than in many years. Christmas Day there were just the two of us, plus Lesley's mum (95) and a friend of mine who would otherwise have been on his own. We ate beef: a more traditional Christmas meal than is generally believed.

A couple of days later number one son and fiancee came to stay for a couple of nights. Next day number one daughter, plus partner and the grandpuppy came for the day. The puppy is a pretty little spaniel, black as the ace of spades, who threw herself round the various laps on offer like a small black hole.

It was my turn to cook. Everyone enjoyed the goose though we could have done with another kilo on the bird to feed everyone to bursting as you're supposed to do at Christmas. The boys in Nelson's assured me it would be big enough for six: well, it wasn't.

The only drama of the holiday was mum-in-law falling down on the landing on her way to bed, so that we had to call the paramedic, who decided there was nothing wrong with her beyond a severe shaking, though he did threaten her with the drop-in centre in Yate if her wrist swelled up by morning. This meant she had to stay an extra two days. Taking her home today.

Athletics dates are coming in now and we're close to being able to publish a calendar for the summer. Don't some people ever take a break from the sport?

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