Monday, December 17, 2012

Almost Christmas

Though it hardly feels like it in the Nunn household with Lesley hunched over her computer organising Avon Schools Cross Country. All the entries are meant to come to her and, as usual, she's struggling with teachers and team managers who just won't follow instructions and who think deadlines won't matter all that much. To make matters worse, this year it's Avon's turn to organise the South West Schools - so guess who gets to do the bulk of the work for that....

Anyway - wasn't Sports Personality astonishing? There can't have been a year like this for British sport and probably won't be again in our lifetimes. If I had voted it would have been for Wiggins; Lesley voted for Jennis (as the Guardian has started calling her) and generally, for once, I thought it was an interesting review of the year. Maybe because football was pushed so firmly into the background.

 I think it showed up how colourless most sports coverage is in this country. I remember in Australia all sports reports mentioned at least four or five different sports and always said something about women's sport. Now wouldn't that be a good policy for the BBC to adopt. Athletics might even get a look in from time to time.

I hope we'll see people down at the track this week, but if we don't I hope you all have a great Christmas and a successful 2013. There may be a blog next Monday, but it will probably be devoted to Lesley's mother, who I'm picking up on Saturday.....

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