Sunday, November 18, 2012

Things get serious

I was going to write about the perils of wireless printing and my adventures under the desk with a head-torch and some over-loaded USB ports.

But then we got the structure of the new YDL leagues......

In the U17/U20 league things are fine. Team Avon is in the top Premier Division and could do very well there. But in the U13/U15 league things are a long way from OK.

Having been in the Midland Premier division we obviously expected to be well placed in the new league. But what they did was hand it over to a group of statisticians who looked at our performances on Power of 10 who assigned each athlete points and ended up placing us one division from the bottom - West 2.

To make matters worse, Bristol have teamed up with Mendip and as as result have escaped the effects of their demotion at the end of last season and are in Premier 1 - the top division. Furthermore, North Somerset and Team Bath are also above us in West 1. Radley, who you may remember we beat last season, are also higher than us.

Am I cross? Is Lesley spitting feathers? You bet your sweet lives we are. It looks as though the Westbury athletes who compete regularly for us weren't counted, so I've sent off an email to the lady who administers all this and demanded a recount. I simply don't believe that we are where we deserve to be. We shall see. I would have spoken to her on the phone but she's unwell and has lost her voice.

Could we have seen this coming and done something different? Well, maybe. Had we known that they were going to use Power of 10 and ignore previous results, we could have thrown our Academy kids into various open meetings and got them recorded on Power of 10. Because I don't believe that they are less good than the munchkins that I saw competing at Stoke Gifford in the summer.

Assuming the worst, which with UKA we are discovering it's always best to do, we shall be competing against various Welsh clubs, plus Bromsgrove and North Devon in West 2 and it will be our overriding mission to beat the pants off them.

As for B&W being in the top division, I suppose I must congratulate them through gritted teeth and hope they have the same level of success in getting Mendip athletes out as they have when they partnered them in the past. I shall watch with interest.

What we need from you, dear readers, is some missionary work amongst parents of Academy athletes and other youngsters. Make sure that they are committed to getting us out of this hole. Show them the love that we know many people feel for this club. Unlike George Osborne, I really mean it when I say, We're all in this together.

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